2020 Pandemic Survival- CDC Urges to Choose Masks With More Layers and No Breathing Valves

UPDATE: Delta has now banned these valve masks on all flights:


July 23, 2020-Bothe the CDC and a Mayo Clinic doctor stating that in a mask, the more layers the better. It seems the 'easy breathe' masks with the breathing valves are not effective for the wearer or persons around him or her.  When choosing a mask, please keep these considerations in mind.

With more young people being seen in hospitals, it is important to consider whether the wearer is wearing a mask because the law states so or whether he or she are actually seeking protection. On July 26th, a 9-year old died of Coronavirus in Florida; the girl had no underlying health issues:


As there is very little information out there as to what to do or not do, it has been good to find 'some' information to guide us. The full article is here:


The CDC finding:


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