Mask No. 4: Londra (London) – Antonio Stefano

As the world is in crisis mode with COVID we have lowered the price, as our contribution to people everywhere, to $12.50; a 37.5% discount. You must buy in groups of any 2 to receive this discount as we have to offset shipping costs. Use Code: SAFE at checkout. 100% hand-made in USA in a COVID protective environment.

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Mask No. 4: Londra (London)

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    MAKE: All of our masks are made with 3 layers of protection: the outside, the lining, and the second lining, a soft fabric that goes closest to your face and can hold a filter inside.  We tested a number of different fabrics and then settled on a polyester blend because of its wicking properties (ie repels waters). 

    We use these masks with the filter for jogging, so you can wear it all day long whether you are a first responder or are in a situation where multiple people are present, such as a retail location. 

    EASY CARE: You can easily throw these into your wash and air dry them (you can machine dry them on delicate). As we change our masks daily, we wash it at the end of the day in a bowl with three dabs of handwashing soap (You can use different types of soaps but they become harder to remove and may leave residue). We then let them sit for 10 minutes as the soap dissolves the viral wall; just add enough hot water to cover the mask. Then, simply rinse it and air dry it. If you don't have enough masks, simply use a hairdryer to finish the drying process. We recommend you wash it daily to remove viruses it trapped and to use the filter for maximum protection, as this is your life.

    DESIGN STORY: This is another great redesign by our San Diego artist, Matt Forderer. This tie has a very unique feel to it, a look of nobility. We were not sure what to name it, but with certain of the tie elements removed for the mask (due to space considerations), we have a very different look. After much contemplation, we felt this tie was reminiscent of London, England. The luxury, the nobility, the traditionality of the design was reminiscent of a city of royalty, history, tradition, nobility, and class; hence, Londra (London), and now for what inspired the tie:

    Scacco Matto Nabile (Royal Checkmate)—Exuding a feeling of sheer royalty in its rich green background, this tie, inspired by baroque architecture, speaks of quiet luxury, of winning without gloating.

    This tie demonstrates how life would be if you “had it all”. Part of the 'Prince' collection, it is worthy of the best events you want to attend. The victory is symbolized by the medallion at the bottom of the tie that follows a long journey from the top. It offers much green (the work you put in) but dotted by perfectly aligned jewels on the way to the victory, showing you that there are many rewards along the way. 

    As we make our way down to the finish line, we have the grand finale, the ultimate test, for which we chose to use a chessboard, albeit in an abstract fashion (this took a while to figure out) that would represent the final competition...and you won!