Il Leopardo (The Leopard) – Antonio Stefano

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Il Leopardo (The Leopard)

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    Distinctively presented, this tie modestly displays the power and authority of the leopard, Able to jump 10 feet vertically, having visited Italy in the Pleistocene (2,588,000 to 11,700 years ago) as discovered in fossil records, this animal is similar in build to our friend the Jaguar, but is smaller in size. Its last common ancestor existed 6.37 million years ago. The Leopard is very adaptive, being able to live in rainforests as well as arid areas, not to mention in the Russian Far East, where temperatures dip to -13F/-25C. Additionally, it is not  a finicky eater, and can adapt to a number of different menus.  

    Leopards are both agile and strategic in nature, as are many businesspersons. Very agile and smooth creatures, they can jump down from a tree headfirst as well as dragging their prey up a tree with their powerful jaws. Not as fast as cheetah, with a stockier build, this animal is much stronger, and therefore adaptable. Powerful swimmers, and able to leap 20 feet as well as run at 36 mph, they are also very vocal in nature. The tie, with its hidden colorations ,is sophisticated and hides many qualities that you will see only if you examine it carefully, you will notice many aspects of it that you would not normally see; no different than the sophisticated camouflage of the Leopard.