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Our Mask Collection  Protects The Wearer: 3 Layers plus an Optional 5-layer Filter for Maximum COVID Protection. The one-piece string allows you to slip it down without removing it, and to adjust the tension so you are comfortable with all-day wear as well as for sports activities.   FREE SHIPPING IN JULY

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IL Re (The King)

Il Re (the King). This is the tie that identifies you as a dog lover to the world, bearing three images of a Belgian German Shepherd wearing a collar bearing our logo. This tie symbolizes majesty. The colors evoke a feeling of mastery with confidence. Here, we have the majestic Shepherd guarding the king, allowing him to do what must be done. Three dogs on this tie protect the King, regardless of where he is or what he is doing. Being King is not always easy; you can take the word King to be CEO, CFO, President, Politician, or even head of household. It is truly difficult to be at the top. Sometimes, you have to make difficult decisions, and your popularity wanes. Although everyone looks up to you and envies your position, you know it is a big responsibility and not as much pleasure as it appears to those who do not know the pains of a responsibility of that magnitude. It is for this reason we provide you with the most loyal ‘bodyguard’ and companion you could ever ask for…a dog. The dog will love you when everyone is against you and will protect you when you are tired and weak. He will forgive you when you make a mistake. He will, however, never leave your side, nor will he ever forget you.
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