About Our Brand

Welcome to the World of Antonio Stefano:

Our fashion company was created with several purposes in mind. I have noted that there was a lack of creativity in the design world when it came to men’s ties. A man has few choices in this world when it comes to creativity in business wear. We can modify our belts, watches, and ties and very little more, lest we lose the respect of the mainstream community in business. The tie, therefore, becomes a very important piece of clothing. The right tie provides a man command of a room. He is noticed and respected for his originality. He stands out. He makes a statement. The leader in this world was Gianni Versace. I was not influenced by his designs, which are his alone, but by the fact that he was bold enough to provide us men with options that made a difference. I have a nice collection of Gianni’s ties, and even recent ones that Donatella has issued and still wear them, with great pleasure. Thank you house of Versace.

Our ties are made of the finest silk I could source in the silk capital of Italy, the gorgeous Lake Como, a 30-minute train ride from one of my favorite cities in the world, Milano. The ties are printed in Lake Como where one of the top 3 design firms in the world prints theirs, and hand made, one at a time (see our video) where another of the the top 3 design firms hand makes theirs. We stand behind them with a one-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects, and a 30-day exchange policy.

Antonio Stefano Robe FrontWe are not only a necktie company, we are now in production with a beautiful bathrobe that will replace the standard woman’s bathrobe that makes her look like a grand-mama and provide her the sexiness she deserves. Additionally, I am a big fan of the acro community and we are in the design phase of leggings that are both practical for everyday wear and yet functional for the yoga and acro communities worldwide.  We are in concept phases for belts and handbags as well. We are searching out under served niches that could use a boost and where we find them, we will add our design forces to the task. 

On another important note, you can read here what the second purpose is, one that is very dear to my heart. I have heard many great stories from customers who have met people because they complimented their ties and are now in business or personal relationships with them; apparently they bring good luck. Please share your story with us, I am sure you will have one soon.

Wishing you a successful journey wearing our neckties

Stefano Riznyk
CEO and
Chief Creative Director