We Support Abused And Abandoned Dogs

Although I felt the need for creative tie choices as I mentioned above, I had no concept of creating a clothing brand. However, I am the biggest dog lover you will ever meet and was creating charity events such with fashion shows and various themes, to raise money for dogs, it was never enough. I support abused and abandoned dogs. What I mean by that are those dogs who have no one to love them, who are all alone and have been abused. They are the strong ones, yet the first ones to be euthanized. We can learn from them. My goal was and is to raise money for their veterinary care. The average bill is 5,000.

With costs so high, events were not raising money fast enough to help many dogs. I needed something that would survive me and could make a lot more money, and Antonio Stefano was born. Antonio was my younger brother who passed away 5 years ago and took in many lonely dogs and gave them the love they required. I am the Stefano in Antonio Stefano.

I own a charity in the United States, where they classify them as 501c3s. These are recognized by the federal government as non-profits. The charity has a long official name, but its short name will soon become ‘Charlie’, after my favorite dog in the world that I regrettably had to put to sleep a couple of weeks ago after over 13 years of beautiful unconditional love; an animal who gave everything and asked for nothing in return. The charity is legitimate and accountable and it will manage profits that we donate to it. These profits will go directly towards paying veterinary bills for dogs. Antonio Stefano will support this charity forever.

This is who we are. This is our DNA. Everyone who works for us loves dogs and respects them. It is sad that today people hurt dogs and I hope the laws worldwide start getting enforced more strictly when it comes to animal abuse, animals of any kind. I am helping dogs because they are more domesticated, more sensitive, as I have grown up with them all my life. Until, with your help, we grow very large, we have to stick to one area and do it well; there is just not enough money to fix all the problems with animal abuse. However, all mammals are sensitive, love, and suffer pain. For this reason, Antonio Stefano will never use animal products of any nature.

Please join our communities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Pinterest as you like. Follow us, and enjoy the community we are building of people who believe we are all God’s children and should enjoy our lives. Because some soul was born a dog does not mean he or she does not hurt and suffer and should be made to do so because it’s easy to get away with. Together, let’s make our world a better place because we, at one time, existed in it; let’s leave our footprints behind. I cannot do this without you, so I hope you do what you can, as you are able, to support this cause, wherever in the world you may find yourself and dogs or animals who need you.

Your Partner

Stefano Riznyk
CEO and
Chief Creative Director